Rose et Chocolat

Project Description

Rose & Chocolat shoes are entirely made from full grain cow leather, to offer your children, the comfort they deserve.

For several years now, thousands of mommies trusted us with their children’s shoes.

Naturel leather has many advantages:

  • Brings suppleness to baby’s movements
  • Reduces sweat naturally
  • Limits bad odours
  • Acts as a natural antibacterial

Right after bare feet, leather slippers, such as Rose & Chocolat’s ClassicZ Collection, are considered by specialists as the best ally to help babies learn to walk.

Tested in a Swiss laboratory, our shoes have outstanding results in regards to the European Norms of Chromium 6 Rates in Leather Shoesassuring the best for your baby’s feet.

With our leather soft soles, the sensations are very similar to bare feet, and our slippers are therefore a effective alternative for tiny feet, hungry for adventures.

Project Details