Aymara Cosmetics

Project Description

The Swiss Premium Make up Brand with the Finest and Purest Ingredients

Aymara Cosmetics is a premium colour cosmetics born in Switzerland founded by Swiss Canadian entretreneur Jennifer Urwyler, investor Michael Gelpke and Canadian make up artist Sasha Taylor Andrews. Our dream was to creat an exclusive Swiss brand of high quality colour cosmetics and skin care products using the very finest ingredients tailored for all faces and races.

You define your beauty!

Throughout Sasha’s career as a professional make up artist in the film and fashion industry, she has had the privilege to work with some of the best brands on the market. When developing the line she knew the essentials necessary to create a perfect colour palette suitable for everything from everyday wear to sexy glam nights!

Aymara Cosmetics is high quality, long lasting and skin nurturing. The colours are trendy, natural, fun and sexy. Be beautiful you can be. Aymara is there to accentuate it and make everyday about highlighting your best.

Project Details

  • www.aymara-cosmteics.com