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Are you looking for fashionable children’s sunglasses that you can order online? At you can expect a wide range of sunglasses for every age group. We carry sunglasses for toddlers, girls and boys of kindergarten age and even for babies. Make your choice now!

Everything kids like

Shadezeyewear has everything that children like. When we put together our range, we focus on what children want. Of course, the practical aspect must not be neglected – after all, our children’s sunglasses should not only look good, but also protect the eyes from too much sunlight.

Our shop caters to all tastes, so that every child comes into his or her own. You will find children’s sunglasses in classic garb as well as sporty models and ultra-modern designer glasses. Most of the glasses can be ordered in different designs and optionally with gift packaging.

Besides the fashion aspect, our glasses also have medical advantages – because nothing protects children’s eyes better from UV light than high-quality children’s sunglasses. Especially in summer, children should definitely wear sunglasses in intense sunlight to preserve their eyesight. Almost all paediatricians advise this, as do many ophthalmologists.

Designer sunglasses for children

Designer sunglasses are not only available for adults: there are also many great designer sunglasses for children. We have the hottest designs and trendiest colours in a collection that is hugely diverse and has something for everyone.

Despite their chic look, our sunglasses are not expensive: for less than CHF 30 you can already order top-fashionable glasses from us that reliably protect your little ones from glaring sunlight. Especially on holiday or on longer outdoor tours, children’s sunglasses from Shadezeyewear are the perfect companion!

Absolutely trendy: children’s sunglasses with coloured lenses

Not only frames are available in all colours at you also have a free choice of lenses here. With yellow or red sunglasses lenses, your child will get a whole new view of the world – literally!

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