Unfrozen Iceberg Water

Project Description

A precious water with a light and soft flavor. Synonymous with good taste, sensitivity and intelligence. The low mineral content and the total absence of pollutants make it the healthiest water you can obtain on the planet.

Every bottle of Unfrozen is a moment in time rescued. A sip of crystal clear nectar from another era. The world’s purest resource elegantly shared with you to be savored and treasured.

Unfrozen is like no other water available on the planet. Our water is formed from snow compressed in ancient glacial walls more than 15,000 years ago. Sourcing water from this ancient and pure source delivers an exceptionally delicate and clean product. Furthermore, the intense and difficult process to unlock and harvest this precious reserve means its limited supply makes it an even more prized product.

Project Details

  • https://unfrozen-water.com/